As a small business owner, the first thing on your mind is going to be "What would it cost me?" and "What will I get for it?". While pay-as-you-go and dynamic pricing sound nice, you would be thinking about the cash flow and the ability to budget your expenses. We would like to take that trouble away from you and here is our price list. The prices mentioned below are all inclusive, including filing fees, professional fees and all other expenses all across India (unless specifically mentioned otherwise).

Price (in INR)
 Accounting Services
Small (for companies with no revenues, no employees and expenses of less than INR 5 lakhs per month)
2,499 per month
Medium (for companies with revenue less INR 10 Lakhs per month and less than 10 employees)
4,999 per month
Large (for companies with revenue less INR 50 Lakhs per month and less than 20 employees)
 9,999 per month
 VAT Filing
999 per month
 Incorporation Services**
 Private limited company
 Limited liability partnership
 General partnership+
 Registration Services  
 Permanent Account Number (PAN)
 Tax Allocation Number (TAN)
 Director Identification Number (DIN)
 Designated Partner Identification Number (DPIN)
 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
 Value Added Tax (VAT)+
 Service Tax+
 Professional Tax (PT)+
 Import Export Code (IEC)+
 Shop & Establishment+
 Registration for Newspaper (RNI)+

 Intellectual Property

 Trademark (this includes Trademark Search & filing of application and obtain an acknowledgement)

+ These services are available only in Bangalore at present.
** Taxes, filing fees, stamp duties and other expenses are at actuals.

If you need any special services or any other combination of services, please contact us at