You build the business. We manage the details.

At PaperKlips, we understand that running a business is more that just getting the customers. Managing the essentials like accounts, payroll, taxes and invoices are a distraction for the top management. We provide the critical services for small and growing businesses. Our guarantee is that you will pay

No Penalties, EVER

Small Size, Big Needs

We understand that a small business needs can be as simple or as complex as a large company. Size is not an indicator of complexity.

Right Advice, Right Time

We understand that as your service providers we should be proactive, accessible and reliable. We will follow up with you.

Transparent Pricing

We will publish and follow our price list. You know what you are getting before you sign up for it.

Our Promise

Our customers are our focus and we help you manage the ever present paperwork. We will ensure that you are on-time, every time for all the regulatory filings and we guarantee that you will never have to pay a penalty. We will pay the penalty if we miss any deadlines.